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Association of Human Resources practitioners of Nigeria was establish in 2009 under the CAMA 1 of 1990. Thus, the general call for a resources centre has undoubtedly necessitated the highest need to form an independent professional body that will regulate the general conduct of HR specialists.

Women in Human Resources

Theme: “Inductive second 2nd  national conference”

  • Managing Human Resources Challenging  - Hajia Salamotu
  • Combating Harassment in the Workplace - Prof. BE Nwaneri
  • The bad boss& safe Environment in the work place - Prof. Yetunde Akorede
  • Human Resources technology  and Information System in 21st century in Nigeria  - Prof. Yahaya Ibrahim

Induction 1st National Conference 5/7/2014

Theme: “Handling Disputes and Conflicts in the workplace”

  •  Reward performance - M.S.E. Oputu
  • Workplace Ethnic and Essence of Time  Management
  • Honorable Commission for Establish (Training Lagos Ministry Establish, Training and Pension (Mrs. F. Oguntuase)
  • Human Relations as in the Banking sector it the Economy  - Prof. Pat Utomi
  • Discipline in the workplace by Mrs. Felicia
  • Contract employment: An unprofessional HR Attitude in Business Development Management by Prof. B. E. Nwaner
  • Dispute Resolution& mediation by Hon. Akin Bashiru

MACP 14 Dec – 2013

Theme: Assessment Center In Human Resources (HRM) Management 

  • Sub: The Changing Nature of Works, Organization and the Global Business Environment
  • Assessment centers and various HRM function  - Prof. Benjamin Nwaneri
  • Assessment canter in the 21st Century continuity  (change)
  • The importance of carefully constructed HRM “tools”  - DR. Oteje Kehinde M.

MACP 8/6/2013

  • Leadership process in an organization Prof Julius Osemudiame
  • Leadership Dynamics in Nigeria and the gap between -  Prof. Benjamin Nwaneri


  • Human Resources Management: Manpower, Training Development for Optimum Advantage
  • The Relevance of Human Resources Management  to National Development  - O.A Talabi


  • Human Capital Development and the Nigeria Economy, Survey of Global Trend in -  Dr. J. Ogunyemi
  • Human capital Development   -  Dr. Emmanuel K.D

AHR Organogram

This entire fairlotyole and coordinate the commission wide human resource functions and create a central source of HR expertise for consistency and efficiency over the years we have built exceptional/program focus on recruiting, developing and retaining our most valuable asset - our employees.